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Which is Better, Latex Pillow or Memory Pillow?

Dec. 15, 2020

Sleep is the self-repair of human body consumption during the day. The quality of pillows directly affects our sleep quality. As a Memory Foam Pillow Manufacturer, let me tell you which one is better, latex pillow or memory pillow?

The memory pillow is a pillow made of slow-resilient materials. Its function is not to increase people's memory, but because pillows that are frequently used form the inherent shape of the human head and neck. Memory pillows are mostly slow rebound pillows.

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1.The memory pillow is a synthetic artificial sponge, a family of sponges. It is also called slow rebound sponge, memory sponge, zero pressure sponge, space memory sponge, smart sponge, etc. It is polyurethane foam.

2.Latex pillows are made of pure natural latex, breathable and moisture absorbing. It is environmentally friendly, pollution-free, non-toxic, anti-mite, anti-allergic, and has natural antibacterial and anti-caries functions.

3.The high-quality latex pillows are very comfortable to the touch, smooth and delicate, just like a baby's skin. Inferior latex pillows feel uncomfortable to touch, or are too thick to feel bad.

4.The memory pillow has automatic memory ability to repair the skull and reduce the possibility of neck stiffness. The ability of automatic memory can properly fill the shoulder space, avoid the common problems of shoulder leakage, and effectively prevent cervical spine problems.

The wavy shape of the memory pillow can maintain the level of the neck, which is suitable for people with sore shoulders. The service life is about 3 years and needs to be replaced. Memory pillows should not be washed. It is recommended to dehumidify them with a dehumidifier every 2 weeks. It can also be placed in a ventilated place for 30 minutes. Do not expose it to high temperatures to avoid hardening.

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