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What Does the Gel Pillow Do?

Jan. 14, 2021

As a Gel Pillow Manufacturer, share with you.

The gel material has entered the vision of sleep experts.

The so-called gel, also known as jelly, is a thick substance in a semi-solid state with a special elasticity between liquid and solid. Its formation process is to combine proteins, enzymes, recombinant proteins, antibodies and nucleic acids. After tens of thousands of determination experiments and fifteen chromatographic purifications, biomolecules have finally extracted an object similar to human skin. It is a combination of plant-derived molecules composed of natural essential oils and composite materials derived from the renewable properties of water.

High and Low Sleeping Gel Pillow

High and Low Sleeping Gel Pillow

Speaking of low, it means that the gel feels good, has good elasticity, and has a good cooling effect. It is an ideal material. The surface layer of the gel pillow made of this material can radiate body heat and make people feel slightly lower than body temperature.

So, many brands of gel pillows on the market are selling at sky-high prices. Is it worth it? Is there any suspicion of hype?

Gel has been widely used in the market, medical, cosmetics, food, etc., it is not a magical substance, and the cost is not as outrageous as expected. When applied to pillows, because it is a new thing, many brands have a lot of price speculation, and the factor that determines the cost is the quality and craftsmanship of the gel.

The high-purity gel has high purity, obvious Q elasticity, good hand feeling and obvious coolness.

In terms of process, there are currently two processes, one is the patch process and the other is the integral molding process.

The quality of the gel is easily reflected. If it is a very cheap gel, it has a strong plastic feel, and the coolness and feel are also poor.

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