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What are the Benefits of Gel Pillows?

Nov. 23, 2020

As a Gel Pillow Manufacturer, share with you.

The gel is solid in a liquid. Its special touch is unmatched by other materials. It has viscoelastic properties and is the best material for energy absorption and cushioning.

The gel is solid in a liquid. Its special touch is unmatched by other materials. It has high viscoelasticity and special physical properties. This substance with properties very similar to human skin is even more known as "artificial skin". The gel is widely used in the medical field because of its good body-fitting and skin-friendly properties. A small amount of folk is used in the production of advanced bras, and a set of bras with a little gel on the inner surface is priced as high as 1500~3000 yuan. A few developed countries in Europe and America apply the gel to the manufacture of bedding.

Memory Foam Gel Pillow

Memory Foam Gel Pillow

When we dedicated a good night to this pillow, it also made a special contribution. Its gentle water-like feeling makes us float on the surface of the water, naturally conforming to the curve of the head, allowing the brain to reach the best state of relaxation, and creating a more permanent and sweet deep sleep.

Because of its special properties, the gel requires us to pay special attention to maintenance during use. When the pillow is accidentally covered with dust or needs cleaning for a long time, we can wipe it lightly with a cloth dampened with water. Do not wash it completely during the cleaning process. Otherwise, it will destroy its own material properties.

Benefits of gel pillows:

1. The main raw material of the gel pillow is gel. The gel is a special substance very similar to human skin. It has always been known as "artificial skin", so the gel pillow made of gel naturally has the corresponding properties of gel and has good properties. Its close-fitting and skin-friendly properties have no stimulating effect on people's skin. When sleeping, it is very soothing and has a feeling of floating in water. The sleeping effect is very good.

2. The gel pillow type is very scientific and can naturally fit the curve of the human head, so that people's brains can quickly reach the best state of relaxation, creating an opportunity for people to sleep deeply, and then making people fall asleep quickly. It has a great effect on alleviating people's insomnia.

3. The gel pillow is breathable and constant temperature, has a good health care effect, and is a very good pillow choice for people with poor sleep and older people. In addition, the pillow has a special design, and the pillow has a good ventilation effect, which is beneficial to reduce the sleep pressure of people.

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