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Do You Really Know How to Use Memory Foam Pillow to Sleep?

Sep. 01, 2021

A good sleeping position will not only determine the quality of your water people, but also determine your state when you wake up the next day. Can you use memory foam pillow correctly to sleep? Today as a memory foam pillow supplier, I’d like to answer these questions.

How to Properly Sleep on a Memory Foam Pillow?

YESLY Pressure Relief Pillow

YESLY Pressure Relief Pillow

Place the flat side of the pillow down so that the larger of the two curves of the pillow faces the foot of the bed. Lie on your pillow, let your head sink, and let it provide the greatest support for your head and neck.

If the pillow feels too hard at first, stick to it. After a few minutes, you will feel the pillow gradually fit your head, neck and shoulders. Then you can take a few clean breaths or meditate for a few minutes of ideal time to push your body and brain into depth and relieve stress, and then it can help you fall asleep peacefully.

You would think that once you have a memory foam pillow, you only need to sleep on a pillow and your neck pain and pain will be lessened.

However, in order to make the most of memory foam pillows, we recommend the following tips on how to use them:

Back Sleep

This way is the most basic and common posture. The contour memory foam pillow should be placed on the bed, and then the thinner side of the pillow should be aligned with the head of the bed. When lying on your back, the larger end of the contour memory foam pillow should be placed under the neck depression. The curve of the neck should naturally rest on top of the hump.

Side Sleep

Side sleepers should place the larger end of the contour memory foam pillow under the neck depression. Make sure that the pillow is as close as possible to the top of the shoulders to seamlessly support the natural curve of the neck and allow full relaxation and muscle rejuvenation at night.

Pay Attention!

Memory foam pillows are not suitable for stomach sleepers. This is the worst sleeping position and the one that is most likely to cause body pain. Because the unique shape of the memory foam pillow can place the head and neck of a sleeping person at unusual angles, which can increase neck pain and headaches.

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