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What are the Main Points of Memory Foam Pillow?

Jan. 29, 2021

As a Memory Foam Pillow Manufacturer, share with you.

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1. Whether it is pure material. Is the pillow made of 100% polyurethane, and is it added talc to increase the density? This is the secret of the industry's production process and high density.

2. Whether it has passed the security inspection: Slow rebound materials are chemicals, which are hazardous in terms of chemical composition. Therefore, their safety indicators must be controlled in production. Whether the slow rebound toxic and hazardous substances volatilize fully depends on Whether a pillow is suitable depends on whether its safety test indicators pass? The current slow rebound product testing includes toxic and hazardous substance testing and pure material testing.

3. Density: Density is one of the basic indicators of high-grade slow-rebound materials. The general molding process polyurethane density can achieve 70~150D, and the cutting process can achieve 40~100D. Due to technical bottlenecks and equipment differences, The density of polyurethane produced in China is generally lower than 100D, while the highest in foreign countries can reach 150D. Secondly, even products with the same density will vary greatly, mainly due to differences in formulas, processes and raw materials, that is to say, high-end slow return The bullet material must be high-density, but only high-density is not necessarily high-end material.

4. Rebound time: Rebound time is also known as the ability to maintain shape. In general, the slower the rebound, the better the decompression ability. The rebound time of domestic memory foam is generally 3-5 seconds, and the rebound time of imported memory pillows is more than 10 seconds.

5. Manufacturing process: There are two manufacturing processes for slow rebound: cutting and molding. Cutting is the finished slow-resilient sponge purchased, cut into pillows, because the molding is cut instead of mold + additives, and no other additives are added, so even the density of pure polyurethane can only be 40-70D. The molding is made by a series of processes such as adding additives, foaming, and mold pressing. Due to the addition of other additives, including chemical additives such as foaming and softening, the density increases to about 70-90D ,Feel good. Remind everyone that the life of pillows has nothing to do with craftsmanship.

6. Hand feeling and temperature sensor: Hand feeling and temperature feeling have little relationship with pillow density, mainly due to the mature technology of the factory (depending on the environment and the number of additives added), high-grade slow rebound sponge feels very comfortable, just pinch it up It feels like kneading the dough, and the rebound is almost slow, or it feels a bit humorous or stiff.

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