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How to Distinguish Memory Foam Pillows?

Jun. 18, 2021

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Memory Foam Pillow

Memory Foam Pillow

1. Production process. Memory foam pillows have two styles: molded memory pillows and cut memory pillows. The molded memory pillows are made by a series of processes such as adding additives, foaming, and mold pressing. The density is higher than that of cut memory pillows, usually 70- About 100D, it feels better. Cutting the memory pillow is actually buying the finished slow-rebound foam pillow and cutting it into the shape of the pillow. Since the molding is made by cutting and not adding additives to the mold, no other additives are added to the interior.

2. Hand feeling and temperature sensing. High-grade memory foam pillows are highly temperature-sensitive and can soften or harden according to changes in temperature. You can see fingerprints when you put them on your hands without applying pressure. The high-grade memory foam has a comfortable feel, and it looks like kneading dough. The memory-free pillows with a slightly poorer quality may feel a little humorous or stiff.

3. Press and rebound time. The most suitable rebound time for memory foam pillows is about 3-5 seconds. Too short a time will not have a slow rebound effect, and too long a time will cause the body to become stiff. Many consumers mistakenly believe that the longer the rebound time of memory foam pillows, the better the quality. This is a misunderstanding.

4. Pillow life. The quality and service life of memory foam pillows are directly related to whether they are pure polyurethane. The pure polyurethane will not deform for more than 5 years. If the internal materials such as talcum powder are added to increase the density and weight, the quality of the pillow will be greatly reduced, generally only 1 -2 years of service life.

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