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How to Choose a Memory Pillow?

May. 31, 2021

More and more people start to choose memory pillows to help them sleep better. Because of its advantages of slow rebound, decompression, neck protection, and ventilation, it has become the first choice for many people when buying pillows.

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How can I choose a high-quality and suitable memory pillow? Next, Memory Foam Pillow Suppliers will talk about it for everyone.

Rebound time

Memory pillows are generally slow rebound pillows. However, due to different materials, the slow rebound time of high-quality memory pillows and poor-quality memory pillows are different. The better slow rebound time is 3-5 seconds, and it is not good to rebound too fast or rebound too slowly. Therefore, when buying a memory pillow, be sure to test the rebound time.


The density of pillows is one of the basic indicators of high-grade slow rebound materials. High-density memory pillows may not be of good quality, but high-end memory pillows must have higher density. The density of really good memory materials is above 150 kg/m3. The density of ordinary memory foam is usually only about 40-50 kg/m3. Therefore, when choosing a memory pillow, you must understand the density of the pillow, which will directly affect the comfort of the pillow.


According to research, the height of the pillow should be 8-13 cm for the average adult. From a horizontal point of view, the state of a person when sleeping should be the same as when he is standing naturally. If the pillow is too high, it is equivalent to raising your head all night, and your neck will be sore. If the pillow is too low, it is equivalent to lowering your head all night, which will cause pressure on the neck muscles and cause blood circulation. Therefore, it is not good whether the pillow is too high or too low. When choosing a memory pillow, the first thing to look at is whether the height of the pillow is appropriate.

The above three judgment methods are relatively straightforward, and choosing a cost-effective memory pillow is more important. Our company also has Massage Relaxing Deep Sleep Pillow on sale, welcome to contact us.