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Good Choice of Pillows, No Worries in Life

Aug. 31, 2021

You in front of the screen, how did you sleep lately? For office workers and student parties, a good sleep is really important. At least one-third of a person’s life is spent in bed, and the pillow, the "intimate partner" who accompanies you through the night, is often unobtrusive and rarely mentioned. 

Massage Relaxing Deep Sleep Pillow

Massage Relaxing Deep Sleep Pillow

Several pillows have their own characteristics: latex pillows, memory foam pillows, and fiber pillows. The memory pillow to be tested today is the memory pillow:

Memory pillow refers to a pillow that can form an inherent shape to protect the health of the cervical spine. The memory pillow is made of a slow-resilient material, namely polyurethane, also known as memory foam. This material was first used in the aerospace industry. In the last century, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration invented this slow-rebound material in order to protect the spine of the astronauts and relieve the pressure on the astronauts. Initially, memory foam was not widely used because of its high price. With the development of science and technology, this material has now entered people's lives and gradually extended to bedding due to the comfortable body feeling.

There are two types of memory pillows, which are temperature-sensitive and non-temperature-sensitive. The temperature-sensitive memory pillow can sense the temperature of the human body, so that it becomes soft, and will fit the human curve better with the body contact; the non-temperature-sensitive memory pillow is not affected by temperature, is moderately hard, and has strong support. Will become soft and hard as the season changes. Our company also has Massage Relaxing Deep Sleep Pillow on sale, welcome to contact us.