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The Gel Pillow Is Enough for the Entire Summer Night's Sleep!

Apr. 28, 2021

As a Gel Pillow Manufacturer, share with you.

An annoying hot summer season

8 hours of sleep a day is not so reliable

So who stole your sleep secretly

Early in summer, the influence of light on the body clock has been confirmed.

More importantly, because the ambient temperature in summer is high, it will affect the body's normal body temperature rhythm, causing difficulty falling asleep and shallow sleep.

In short, it is the hot weather that prevents you from falling asleep at ease.

High and Low Sleeping Gel Pillow

High and Low Sleeping Gel Pillow

In addition to turning on the air conditioner, you also need a gel natural latex pillow

Keeping the head at a relatively low temperature will help improve sleep.

In this way, it is important to choose a good pillow to get a good night's sleep in the hot summer!

The pillow is wrong, the more I sleep, the more tired I get. The gel pillow that has been popular in recent years is a new type of pillow that has appeared to change the quality of sleep. It is mainly covered with a layer of gel like a water pillow on a slow-resilient material, but it can provide more support than a water pillow.

The gel pillow in use is covered with a layer of gel on the slow rebound material, which can lower the human sleep temperature by about 2°C for a long time, and it will feel cool when lying on it, which essentially deepens the depth of sleep. The gel filled in the pillow core, such as dozens of small moisturizing pillows provides stable support, can also help relax the shoulders and necks, relieve stress, and quietly dissipate the fatigue of the day.

The cooling principle of the gel ice pad: The polymer gel inside can effectively absorb the body heat, and then use the high conductivity and diffusivity of the gel to transfer the absorbed heat to the surrounding air to expand the heat dissipation area of the body. Heat dissipation is faster, so as to achieve a comfortable and effective cooling effect, cooling and relieving heat, and it is cold immediately after use.

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