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YESLY Pressure Relief Pillow


Adopting a trapezoidal design with hollowing technology in the middle, it can effectively support the weight of the head and neck, avoiding the heat and sweat of the head and neck, thus affecting the sleeping experience. The air feeling hidden in the pillow can give you oxygen sleep all night

Product Details

TPE environmental protection material

The hollow design of the TPE material makes the mites and bacteria have no living conditions, is non-toxic and tasteless, does not contain protein, and human skin can be in contact with the TPE material for a long time.

Not easily deformed 

The trapezoid structure design, when the surface is stressed, they can support each other and evenly distribute the pressure. The pillow can perfectly support the head and neck, and has excellent durability, elasticity, and does not look like Ordinary pillows that are easily deformed. After long-term use, the height can still be maintained.

Ergonomic Design

The height is 8/10 cm. There are two heights. According to your habits to freely adjust the height of the head and neck, so that the head and neck are in natural contact with the pillow, giving the head the most comfortable support effect.

Highly breathable

Compared with the memory foam pillow, The inner hollow small trapezoids form into countless heat dissipation channels, which could convey the moisture away from your head, neutralize your heat and offer you a cool sleeping experience at night.