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Wholesale memory foam pillow

Memory foam pillow is slow rebound, also known as memory foam, is a polyurethane polymer with an open-cell structure. The memory foam product is an open-cell foam with viscoelasticity, 100% made of polyurethane. The material has good impact resistance and absorption capacity. The molecule of this substance is very sensitive to temperature, so it is also called temperature-sensitive memory foam.Memory foam pads are usually made of slow rebound sponge. Memory foam is also called inert sponge.

YESLY offer a large number of pillows with various hardness levels, different filling types and shapes. Take care of your neck and buy memory foam pillows. As a manufacturer of memory foam pillows, we can provide you with wholesale prices and customized services.As a professional Chinese memory foam supplier of standard and custom size memory foam, the products we supply are suitable for various comfort and support applications, such as seats, matting cushions, ergonomics, etc. The types of bedding include pillows, cushions, mattresses, and maternal and child care pillows.

The memory foam pillow core is soft and not collapsed, comfortable and full, 50D density memory foam3 seconds slow rebound, can automatically match the memory of sleeping posture, care for the cervical spine and get effective support, suitable for people who like to lie on the side and supine, satisfy different sleeping positions Consumers, pillowcases are breathable and refreshing, provide a comfortable sleeping environment, and sleep more peacefully

The molecules of memory foam will "flow" and move when subjected to external force to adapt to the contour of the contact surface of the pressure object, so that the pressure is evenly distributed on the entire contact surface, and it will slowly return to its original state. The shape when pressure is removed, so this material was originally called slow rebound foam. This means that we can squeeze and compress different types of memory foam. When you squeeze the air, it feels like air is spraying from a foam dish washer. Natural memory foam is soft and fits the human body.

Sleep memory foam pillows can reduce the pressure on the head and neck, that is, absorb the pressure of the human body. The material will sense the temperature of the human body in contact with the pillow, gradually soften, and absorb the pressure of the human body at the same time, thereby adjusting the human body to the most comfortable posture. YESLY provides your business with a variety of memory foam pillows at reasonable prices and provides professional customer service.

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