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Gel Pillow Manufacturer

Gel pillow is a new type of pillow that uses cooling gel to adjust the temperature and reduce the heat build-up on the surface of the pillow. They use different designs to accomplish this task, including gel pods, laminated gel layers and infusion in the pillow material gel. Memory foam pillows are more common with gels, and this kind of pillow is known for its thermal insulation.

 the Benefits of Gel Pillows

If you try to maintain a neutral temperature while sleeping, gel pillow may be a better solution. But not all gel pillows can successfully keep sleepers cool all night. It is important to conduct research to ensure that the product you get. As the manufacturer of gel pillow, we have studied the common specifications and functions of gel pillows, and give us your needs. We will help you find the gel pillow that best suits your sleeping style.

the Gel Pillow Do-more

The pinholes of the ventilated memory foam help promote the airflow in the pillow to dissipate heat, and the surface is injected with gel to enhance the cooling effect.

The gel pillow cover is made of phase change material, which radiates heat from the surface and helps you sleep coolly. The pillowcase also has an internal mesh lining to increase air circulation. The pillowcase can be removed and washed in a household machine.

The pillow core is soft and elastic, with a tactile feeling. When the head contacts the pillow surface, it can automatically match the sinking position according to the weight of the human body, and correctly find the corresponding comfortable sleeping position, and absorb the transfer pressure with the head and neck rotation.

The pillow is fairly flat, and the memory foam fits tightly to the contour, providing gentle support and pressure relief. When you sleep on your back, your head and neck are fixed. Thicker gussets help the pillow maintain its shape, making the pillow suitable for many side sleepers.

Our pillows adopt the traditional pillow shape and are covered with our unique heat dissipation cloth, which can further improve your comfort. Memory foam can be gently molded into the shape of the head and neck to provide excellent support and cushioning. Washing instructions: The cover is machine washable. Foam: Do not wash foam.

We are the manufacturer of gel pillow. We can provide customized gel pillow. Please contact us for more OEM&ODM information.